Child Support Issues In Virginia Beach

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Children and financial issues are two of the most important factors in a divorce or other family law dispute involving child custody and visitation. When they are combined, emotions often run high. An experienced Virginia Beach family law attorney can help you evaluate your situation and protect your interests during child support establishment, modification and enforcement hearings.

At the law firm of Garrett Law Group, PLC, we have extensive experience representing both mothers and fathers in child support matters. To speak with a child support attorney about your unique child support case, call us at 757-422-0195 or send us an e-mail.

Experience in All Aspects of Child Support

Garrett Law Group, PLC has knowledgeable Virginia child support lawyers who have represented numerous clients in child support matters. They provide advice and representation in all aspects of child support, including:

Virginia Child Support Guidelines

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, the amount of required child support is determined by legal guidelines known as the “Virginia Child Support Guidelines.” The payment level is determined by the incomes of the parents, adjusted for certain expenses. It is very difficult to persuade a judge to deviate from these child support guidelines, although in some cases it can be done.

Our child support lawyers have a clear understanding of the Virginia Child Support Guidelines and how they apply to custodial parents (parents who have primary physical custody) and noncustodial parents. We can help you determine your guidelines child support amount and whether or not circumstances require a deviation from that amount.

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Our family law firm believes that a parent receiving child support should receive all of the support the law requires. We also believe that a person paying child support should not have to pay more than the law requires. We can represent you in either case.

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