Domestic Violence in Family Law

Virginia Beach Family Law Attorney

Domestic violence and spousal abuse, or allegations of abuse, can create a climate of fear and suspicion in a household. Left unchallenged, they can lead to serious or even tragic consequences.

As an experienced family law firm, Virginia Beach domestic violence lawyers at Garrett Law Group, PLC represent clients in matters involving civil orders of protection. Call (757) 422-0195 or contact us online to arrange for a consultation. Your future and that of your family may be at stake.

Obtaining the Protection You and Your Family Need

At Garrett Law Group, PLC, our family lawyers believe that no one should have to live in fear or under the threat of abuse. If you or another member of your household faces such threats, you must take action. Our experienced family law attorneys can explain how you can get a temporary protective order for you and your family members. Following the issuance of this restraining order, a hearing for the issuance of a permanent order will be scheduled, usually within two weeks.

Defending Against False Allegations of Domestic Violence

During a divorce or child custody and visitation suit, some parents will attempt to gain an advantage by making false or exaggerated claims of domestic violence or sexual abuse. If a protective order is entered against you, you may be forced to leave the home you share with your family, and your child custody and visitation rights could be threatened. The consequences of a criminal conviction for domestic violence can include jail and damage to your career prospects.

Our attorneys are available to defend clients accused of domestic violence and spousal abuse in both the civil and criminal courts. Our attorneys can represent you in the hearing for the permanent protective order with the aim of preventing the order from being entered against you. If you face a criminal domestic violence charge, our lawyers can defend your rights and freedom in criminal court. If you are convicted of domestic violence, this may have a significant impact on child custody or child support in the future.

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