Stepparent Adoption in Virginia Beach

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Any adoption can be an event of great joy, but for stepparents who want to take the next step forward in responsibility for their stepson or stepdaughter, there can be complications involved that require the attention of an experienced step-parent adoption lawyer who understands the requirements of the Virginia law on stepparent adoptions. At the law office of Garrett Law Group, PLC in Virginia Beach, our stepparent adoption attorneys have extensive experience working with stepparents who want to take the positive steps forward to formalize the parental relationships they share with their stepchildren.

There are few greater satisfactions our lawyers take as professionals than seeing the bonds that have grown in a loving home recognized as legal and permanent. Our attorneys put experience, knowledge and commitment to your family behind every stepparent adoption case they handle.

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Help From Start to Finish

Stepparents adopt in cases where a biological parent is considered either unfit to act in their parental role, has abandoned their parental responsibilities or in some cases has consented to give up their parental rights. Once that adoption is recognized by the state, you have the same rights as a biological parent.

Until your adoption is complete, however, you have no legal rights to custody of your stepchildren should the need arise.

In most situations the stepparent adoption process can be handled in an efficient and orderly manner. At our Virginia Beach office our lawyers guide area clients through that process from start to finish. Your attorney’s goal is your goal: full and recognized parental rights of physical custody and legal custody.

Complications can develop, however, when a biological parent objects to an adoption. When this happens, our lawyers represent adopting parents in and out of the courtroom to achieve your stepparent adoption goal. Adoption lawyers at Garrett Law Group, PLC have handled numerous stepparent adoption cases, and our attorneys have the experience, knowledge and proven results to help you build your case.

Make Sure Your Adoption Process Is Fully Protected

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